Sunday, February 11, 2007

Art Show at the Springville Museum of Art

by Luciana Loureiro

Sketching drawings. Framing pictures. Adjusting sculptures. These are some of the actions taking place in the art department at Timpview High school. With students coming in and out, the art department becomes a busy scenario as the deadline for the art show comes to an end.
As an approach to encourage young generation of talented artists, the Springville Museum of Art is hosting the 35th Annual Utah all State High School Art Show. Timpview is one of the many high schools in Utah participating in this event.
“We get information about this [art show] several weeks in advance and I start nagging my students to be aware of the deadline,” said Joanne Smith-Seal, head of the art department at Timpview High school in Provo.
Smith-Seal said she tries to get as many of her students represented in the contest. She said participation is important.
“When I went to school, there was nothing like this,” she said. “The Springville [show] has a lot of people come in and look at [arts] and give this award and that award, it’s a good recognition.”
The 35th Annual Show starts on Feb. 24 until April 4. The Springville Museum stipulated that the show is open to Utah public and private high school students who are juniors and seniors, 11 and 12 grades respectively. The art works must be submitted by the art department of the high school rather than individually.
Smith-Seal said the jurors favor the three dimensional work rather than two dimensional.
“Because there is so much painting and drawing the quality of the painting and drawing really has to be high,” she said. “And there is so little three dimensional work, they kind of favor three dimensional work. Chances of getting into the show are much higher.”
One of Smith-Seal’s student, Susan Nish, a senior at Timpview high school said she encouraged students to participate to get recognition.
“She is like ‘bring in your stuff because you never know if you will get in,’” Nish said. “It’s one way to get out there and be noticed.”
Nish said she is passionate about art and sometimes she would skip class to stay in the art department to finish her art projects.
“Art for me it’s just to kind of get the feelings out,” she said. “Art work you can express what you’re feeling by not actually saying it but by doing the art work.”
Just like Nish, Jocelyn Palmer, a senior at Timpview high school, said she is excited to participate in this event and has been waiting since 6th grade to participate in the art show.
“My mom volunteered in the museum and I would go there everyday (…) now I get my chance,” she said. “I am scared but if I just do my best and believe in myself, winning or not is not going to matter as much because of the work I put into it.”
Participating for the second time, Jessie Holt, a senior at Timpview high school said she has high hopes for this year.
“Last year I entered something in the art show and I didn’t make it,” she said. “It’s a good opportunity for students to get their art work out into a contest or an exhibit.”
Holt, who is currently applying for the art program at Brigham Young University, said students should not be discouraged and they should participate in the art show.
“It doesn’t matter if you will get in or not, you will never know if you don’t try it,” she said.
According to the entry policy for the show, each high school may submit art works representing 1.5 percent of all the juniors and seniors enrolled in the school. The dimensional work must be in the following conditions: framed, wired and ready to be hanged. For additional information, visit the Springville Museum of Art Website at

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